I was happy to make new work for the Culture Quays Sculpture series in Manchester. The work is installed in the foyer of the BBC building.

It’s made from a piece of 20 square meter sheet of white Fabriano paper suspended inside two wooden cubes. I spent two cold weeks at the end of 2013 beating creases into this sheet of paper with a wooden mallet.

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It’s been fun to be part of The Royal Standard‘s TOOOLS stand at Sluice Art Fair in London during Frieze week. I made some artist commissioned car bumper stickers….

I think it was Kinky Friedman who would say ‘put it on a bumper sticker for me‘ when he wanted someone to get to the point. I like that phrase. I liked the bluntness of the bumper sticker. Sadly it was mostly reserved for misogynist or xenophobic statements. Unfortunately we don’t use bumper stickers much anymore, preferring to tweet instead, so they never got to realise their full potential as an artist’s medium. Artist’s Car Bumper Stickers have been created to right this wrong.

Thanks to Richard Whitby (DOOM), Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau (FAILURE), Oliver Braid (GINGERS) and Mikey Georgeson (FASCISTS) for sticker text.

Screenprinted at The Bluecoat

I have a bunch left for £2.50 each – so if you want – email me. All profit to TRS.

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Images © Warren Fournier/Castlefield Gallery

Launchpad – Some Misunderstanding [on Mondegreens and Pareidolias]

Castlefield Gallery

Cory Arcangel, Anton Bruhin, Jenny Core, Dina Danish, Denicolai & Provoost, Maya Erdelyi, Dave Evans and Ben Gwilliam.
Curated by Sevie Tsampalla

9 August 2013 — 18 August 2013

Mondegreens are mishearings of words or phrases, which in turn acquire new meanings. Pareidolias are randomly occurring shapes, forms or sounds experienced as significant by individuals or groups. Drawing on examples such as misheard song lyrics or sightings of religious figures in banal objects, this exhibition explores how misunderstandings can lead to everything from amusing mistakes to amplified experiences of the world.

Some Misunderstanding brings together eight artists from across Europe, the U.S. and the North West of England. Dina Danish performs her own mondegreen as she strains to lip-sync to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ under water. Anton Bruhin organises the Swiss-German dialect in order of near-homophones, problematising the task of differentiation for the listener. Ben Gwilliam’s installation wäil, a play on the words veil and wail, shimmers and whispers with unheard sound when disturbed by the viewer. Cory Arcangel compresses Iron Maiden’s song ‘The Number of the Beast’ 666 times, referring to its history as a source of subliminal messages, and ‘corrects’ Jimi Hendrix’s performance of the Star Spangled Banner using Apple’s auto-tune software. Inspired by sci-fi film sets, Dave Evans’ Paper Mountains indulge our ability to suspend disbelief. Jenny Core’s drawings encourage our inclination to recognise familiar patterns in abstract images. Maya Erdelyi constructs meaning by reorganising her own random thoughts, family histories and dreams, whilst Denicolai & Provoost expose the blurred lines between subjective experience and objective reality, between seeing and believing.

2 Hewitt Street Manchester, M15 4GB

Gallery opening times during exhibitions: Wed-Sun, 1-6pm

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Sinead Nunes has written a review of Portfolio NW for Corridor 8 – a great print/online journal focused on contemporary art and writing

Have a read here

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Jack Welsh has written a nice text to accompany Portfolio NW at The Bluecoat.

Have a read here

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It was great to be included in Portfolio NW at the Bluecoat. Eight artists from the region were invite to make new work for this show.

It was a valuable opportunity to develop the stff I’ve been working on in the studio for a bigger space – given the shifts in scale are a part of what I do, it was good to have the space at the Bluecoat to work with – I ended up surprising myself with the results – which is key to what I try to achieve with my work.

Photo Courtesy of The Bluecoat/Jon Barraclough

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I’ve actually been so busy making new work that I’ve not updated this for a few months. Also I lost my camera charger so haven’t been able to document anything properly.

There have been a slew of shows – first off was Beautiful Things at The Next Door Projects in Liverpool – it wasn’t publicised very much which is a shame as it had loads of great artists in (Aly Helyer, Iain Andrews, Gordon Cheung, Rui Matsunaga, Wieland Payer, Enzo Marra, Phillip Allen, Dan Coombs, Richard Meaghan, Tom Ormond, Jason Thompson, James Quin, Louise Thomas, Henny Acloque, Jonny Green, Rafal Topolewski, Masakatsu Kondo, John Stark, Andrew Foulds, Ian Rayer-Smith, Joe Packer, Alex Gene Morrison, Tim Ellis, Kevin Hunt, Dave Evans, Nicki McCubbing, Matthew Houlding, Neal Rock) – Thanks to Richard Meaghan for all his hard work  in curating this.

Photos: Richard Meaghan

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© Dick Jewell 2006

Linda Pittwood has written a review of Black Sun Horizon for Corridor 8

Check it here

Also a thoughtful blog post from C. James Fagan about the show here

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“…on the horizon of the modern world dawns the black sun of boredom”

Henri Lefebvre, Critique of Everyday Life: Volume 2, 1961

I’ve curated a group show at The Royal Standard – Black Sun Horizon – about boredom.

Boredom can be defined as the inability of the imagination to synthesise the past and the future into the present, leaving the individual momentarily dislocated from the normal rhythms of life. Black Sun Horizon brings together a group of artists whose work hints at the roots and nature of this particularly modern condition, exploring the aesthetics and mechanics of our interactions and how the endless continuum of technological progress has done little to alleviate its symptoms.

Preview: Friday 17th May 4.30-9pm 18th May – 2nd Jun Open Friday and Saturday 12-5pm or by appointment

The exhibition includes work by:

Cory Arcangel, Dick Jewell, Bill Leslie, Samuel Williams

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