Parts Unkown – Embassy

Myself and 11 other Royal standard studio members are going to Edingurgh for a mini residency and show at Embassy. We have the gallery to work in for four days, then the show opens, so we’ve decided to go up completely empty handed and see what we can make/gather during our time in the space.

The PV is 19th May, 7 til 9 pm.

Embassy Gallery
10b Broughton Street Lane,

Booster and Sounds, Mixed media with sound, 2011

I made the conical rocket shaped object hanging on the right during the four days in the Embassy gallery. It’s made from paper, hula hoops, jute rope and paper fastners. It plays a field recording from room 5 in Ediburgh’s Dean Gallery.

On the left is work by Richard Proffitt, in the middle is drawing by Mike Carney and in the foregound is sculpture by Linny Venables.