E.O.T Live @ FACT Liverpool

Hot on the heels of the ‘The Television Will Be Revolutionised’ and Nam June Paik exhibition, I’ve been working with FACT and Knowsley Community College creative and Media students to produce a show in the Box space in FACT. Again, we looked around the Nam June Paik show and identified the main themes that seemed to emerge, namely nature and technology.Using this as a starting point we came up with an idea for a show ‘Evolution of Technology’ and each student planned their own response. The work that was  produced was varied and included sculptures, animation, film, dace and music. The students turnd the Box (FACT’s largest viewing space) into a performance/exhibition space which was open to the public. It was very ambitious, using more technology than I’ve seen in one place for a long time, but worked very well.

You can read the E.O.T Live press release here