The Storegga Slide – Five Years


17 to 24 JULY

The Storegga Slide is reported to be one of the largest known landslides in recorded history. Occurring off the west coast of Norway, the subsequent megatsunami is thought to have eventually separated Britain from mainland Europe, and mark the end of the Mesolithic age. Doggerland, the now submerged area in the North Sea, has proven to be a rich resource for archaeological purposes as more artefacts are being discovered.

Doggerland is a collaborative research project documenting the breadth of artistic-led activity across the UK, contributing toward a culture in critical engagement and dialogue with audiences that is currently felt lacking between the younger or independent projects.

Between 17th – 24th July, Doggerland will be in residence at Five Years, inviting a selection of previous artists, project coordinators, writers and curators encountered along the way, to come together and present an overview of their practices in whichever form they see fit. The Storegga Slide will provide an opportunity to discuss the current state of artist-led culture, whilst framing the event in a series of performances, readings, actions or artworks.

Event on Wednesday 23 July from 6.30 pm:

Participants include:
Anne Duffau (A-Z)
Dave Evans (Model)
Emily Shepherd (The Telfer Gallery)
Esther Planas (Five Years)
Holly Keasey (GENERATORprojects)
Lucy A Sames (Enclave)
Oliver Braid (MANY)
Ryan Hughes (RHP CDRs)

Five Years 66 Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN