Beautiful Things – Next Door

I’ve actually been so busy making new work that I’ve not updated this for a few months. Also I lost my camera charger so haven’t been able to document anything properly.

There have been a slew of shows – first off was Beautiful Things at The Next Door Projects in Liverpool – it wasn’t publicised very much which is a shame as it had loads of great artists in (Aly Helyer, Iain Andrews, Gordon Cheung, Rui Matsunaga, Wieland Payer, Enzo Marra, Phillip Allen, Dan Coombs, Richard Meaghan, Tom Ormond, Jason Thompson, James Quin, Louise Thomas, Henny Acloque, Jonny Green, Rafal Topolewski, Masakatsu Kondo, John Stark, Andrew Foulds, Ian Rayer-Smith, Joe Packer, Alex Gene Morrison, Tim Ellis, Kevin Hunt, Dave Evans, Nicki McCubbing, Matthew Houlding, Neal Rock) – Thanks to Richard Meaghan for all his hard work  in curating this.

Photos: Richard Meaghan