Tomorrow’s World – Rogue Project Space

Tomorrow’s World at Rogue Project Space with Robin Tarbet.

Tomorrow’s World is an exhibition of working ideas and material experiments with the aim to test out and develop initial concepts to create an open dialogue with the audience in a gallery environment. Situated at Rogue Studios Project Space, the exhibition brings together two artists who examine the material residue of technological progress. Our re-workings of past visions of the future and more recent obsolete technologies attempts to make a concrete punctuation in the unceasing forward flow of perpetual growth; to not only explore the ideology of progress under the conditions of late capitalism, but also question the polemic nature of technological progress itself.

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Location details are:

Crusader Mill, 66-72 Chapeltown Street, M1 2WH Manchester, United Kingdom
Malgras|Naudet: Ground Floor
Project Space: 4th Floor
Map here