TOOOLS – Sluice Art Fair

It’s been fun to be part of The Royal Standard‘s TOOOLS stand at Sluice Art Fair in London during Frieze week. I made some artist commissioned car bumper stickers….

I think it was Kinky Friedman who would say ‘put it on a bumper sticker for me‘ when he wanted someone to get to the point. I like that phrase. I liked the bluntness of the bumper sticker. Sadly it was mostly reserved for misogynist or xenophobic statements. Unfortunately we don’t use bumper stickers much anymore, preferring to tweet instead, so they never got to realise their full potential as an artist’s medium. Artist’s Car Bumper Stickers have been created to right this wrong.

Thanks to Richard Whitby (DOOM), Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau (FAILURE), Oliver Braid (GINGERS) and Mikey Georgeson (FASCISTS) for sticker text.

Screenprinted at The Bluecoat

I have a bunch left for £2.50 each – so if you want – email me. All profit to TRS.