Distractions 1 to 4


For a good portion of the summer I’ve been exploring simple actions/reactions ‘mediated’ by objects. Now have a big backlog of footage that appears to be breaking down into short videos. Here is a short compilation of four.

Part of the challenge, like working with a sheet of blank paper, tinfoil or a piece of plastic, was to try to draw out the potential in this simple materials and movements through repeated interventions. The difference being now that the activity was also mediated through digital video, which allows another ‘layer’ of repeating through looping and mutiplying imagery on screen, something which continues formĀ  the appropriated resistance bands films, which I abandoned as they were too loaded (A LOT of lyrca involved). Part of the fun of making this work was exploring different ways of using video to also create a tempo, something which isn’t possible with a static object which moves to the beat of it’s own drum. The tempo of the video is vital, and opens a whole new range of referents.