Reading Group: Quitting – Stephen Wright/Alex Koch & Brian Holmes


I’m running a reading group on the 24th of August at Bluecoat, and I’ve selected a text from The Piracy Project called ‘Quitting: A Conversation with Alex Koch on the Paradoxes of Dropping Out by Stephen Wright & Alex Koch with a response by Brian Holmes‘ (click text for link to pdf)

I was in the gallery, in the piracy project reading room, and happened across the text by chance. It was in a book titled ‘There is Nothing Less Passive than the Act of Fleeing’, it caught my eye as it did not have any label (most of the books/pamphlets have a green card with them explaining where they have come from).

With a bit of cursory google research I discovered that the text is something of a reader for a ‘course’ at The Public School in Berlin that took place at various locations:

It deals with something most artists have thought about (or at least should have): Quitting, just upping and leaving the art world to it’s own devices….There are some interesting bits that also relate to our recent discussions with Auto Italia South East during their ‘On Coping, A Reading for Liverpool’ visit to Liverpool, especially the Brian Holmes bit at the end….

So come along, and let’s discuss our secret urges…

  • Mon, 24 Aug 2015
  • 6.00 PM – 7.30 PM
  • Tickets: Free

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